About Jobrupt

What is Jobrupt?

Jobrupt is a free service which enables you to search for jobs or recruit top talent through discreet job interviews with your LinkedIn connections. You sign up, select the people you want to work for or recruit and you are done. If your selections also happen to mention you, there is a match. In this case Jobrupt notifies both of you and the rest is up to you. All is completely private; your connections will never know you're interested in a job interview with them unless they are interested too!

Why Jobrupt?

Jobrupt gives you the benefit of making the first move towards a job interview with one of your existing connections, especially when you are reserved and you want to keep it discreet. The reason you can't make the first step towards that person, may be related to your current position, your previous relation with this person or simply to your fear of rejection. Jobrupt ensures you keep things discreet, until both sides make the first moves simultaneously.

How to join Jobrupt?

Jobrupt runs integrated with LinkedIn where a lot of us are already connected with many of our business partners. LinkedIn sign up allows you to see and select your connections. Jobrupt regularly checks for matches and if there is one, we let both parties know. We hope it helps you to work with the most best people in your network. Finally, a technical note, we use cryptographic authenticated hash functions to hide user identifiers in order to keep everything discreet.

Follow of us on Twitter @jobrupt. For support inquiries, email support (at) jobrupt.com. For other inquiries drop an email to victoria (at) jobrupt.com