How Jobrupt works; a quick start guide

Start recruiting or job search in 5 minutes

Here is a step by step for to getting started with Jobrupt. Basically, you may start both recruiting or seeking for jobs using the same steps.

  1. Go to Jobrupt and sign up using your LinkedIn account, this is only necessary for you to be able to see and select your connections.
  2. Go to the select page to browse and search through your connections in order to find the right candidates.
  3. For each candidate you're interested in, specify your intention by clicking the appropriate one of the two buttons; "I want to hire this person" or "I want to work for this person".
  4. Your selections go to the top of the page, where all selections are listed together. You may remove any of them if you later change your mind.
  5. Don't worry, your intention will be disclosed to the selected counterpart (and only to him/her) only if your counterpart marks you too.
  6. Your selections will be there and valid as long as you want. You may later come back and remove some of them or add more.
  7. Jobrupt regularly checks for matches; for example if Alice selects to hire Bob, and Bob selects to work for Alice, then there will be a match. We delay the matching process a bit on purpose to make sure you are certain of your selections.
  8. When a match occurs, we notify both sides by sending an email.
  9. We use cryptography to keep things confidential, even matches are made using authenticated HMAC hashes of your unique identifiers.

Hope this short guide will help to find your dream job and/or hire great people around you. I would love to hear how it works for you. I am on Twitter @jobrupt.

Victoria Parker, Jobrupt founder.