Start recruiting top talent in your network in 5 minutes

Finding great people to help make your team become more productive and solid isn’t easy. Going back to basics when searching for top talent can help. Leveraging your and your co-workers' network does magic in terms of landing the right fit for any position. The best strategy is to first ensure your current team members really believe in your mission and enjoy working in your team. If they do , they'll act as your ambassadors. They'll bring their friends, classmates, ex co-workers and all will feel committed to the company's mission and to growing your team.

Jobrupt -a free new application for LinkedIn- helps you recruit top talent in your network in a discreet fashion, when you hesitate to make the first move for various reasons. Within 5 minutes you may start recruiting.

  1. Sign in with your LinkedIn account to see your connections.
  2. Select your connections using the button "Want to hire". You may unselect them at any time if you change your mind. Don't worry, they' ll only know about your intention if they want to work for you.
  3. Share an update on LinkedIn, Twitter or elsewhere to let your connections know that you're hiring on Jobrupt. Here are some example updates you may copy and paste.
Hi everyone, I have some job openings and I'd like to hire some of you using Jobrupt - a new discreet tool.  Join and select me if you're interested to work with me. (

Hello everyone, I'm interested to work with some people in my network. I use Jobrupt - a discreet tool- to mark whom I'd like to. If you also join and mark me, we may get in touch. (